Working hard to become the leader


Our VISION is to become the leader in the world in the manufacture of high performance mechanical components.

Our MISSION is to produce high-performance mechanical components that withstand the test of time to meet the needs of our clients throughout the world. We want to make the company a place where our VALUES take pride of place every day, where our people can grow and improve in order to guarantee wellbeing and a better style of life for all stakeholders.

The people are the company’s most important asset, we believe firmly in the importance of the team because “No-one wins on their own”.


We believe in making the life of our employees and their families peaceful, by taking care of the cleanliness and order of the workplace and safeguarding the health of our most important resource: people. We want a company where our employees live their days with a smile, with joy and in the full possibility of expressing their potential. We have chosen to do so by cultivating inclusiveness and kindness: the most powerful weapon to keep people together and create an empowering atmosphere.
"Nobody wins alone"
Teamwork and the sharing of objectives and values are the fuel that allows us to grow and obtain the best results. We want people who feel free to express themselves and to make their skills and knowledge available. People who get excited about daily challenges, moving from autonomy to synergy. People who love their work, putting that passion in a position to make a difference to offer only the best to our customers.
And that's how we've created a business ecosystem that is as rewarding as it is sustainable.
Interaction means communicating with the highest degree of responsibility and precision. In fact, each of our relationships is based on consistency, trust and respect, in the full freedom of each individual. Towards our collaborators, our customers and our partners by communicating in a concrete, efficient way and appreciating the contribution of everyone, respecting the differences that make the difference. For this reason we favor the culture of feedback at all levels: because "feedback is gift."
We believe that excellent professionals are first and foremost excellent people. We dedicate time to training weekly, because professional and personal growth must go hand in hand to create trained and motivated leaders. Learning, studying and training all the people on our team to have constant improvement, this is one of our most important goals. We are convinced that companies are made up of people, and if you improve people, you improve companies and the value they can offer to their customers. And on this we do not come to terms: if you want to join our team, either you are willing to question yourself, to commit yourself every day and to train yourself to constantly improve yourself or you are not what we're searching for.
Our promise is to commit ourselves with constancy, discipline and concreteness in supporting the customer from design to production, with the desire to be a partner that provides innovative and immediate solutions, in full respect of the environment. We are attentive to the efficiency, commitment, seriousness of those who take care of our customers because only if our collaborators feel they are the cause of the situations that surround us can they approach events with attention, perceiving in advance the difficulties of the customers and the market changes, in order to prevent and anticipate the needs and requirements of the future in order to better plan our actions.